Student Account Expiration/Deletion

Graduates can use their accounts for approximately 60 days after their official graduation date.

This post-graduate period allows graduates time to transition friends, family and business contacts to a new email address. Once your account is deleted you will no longer have access to the following: e-mail messages, your former WFU e-mail address, the WFU wireless network, Schools of Business Intranet, Library Databases, Sakai, WIN and other WFU network resources.
PLEASE NOTE: No extensions will be offered past the expiration/deletion date.

Alumni Transition Checklist

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition from a student to an alumni.  

  1. Create your Alumni Gmail Account with WakeNetwork 
  2. Set a vacation responder/mail forwarding on your student account
  3. Transfer your Student Email and Google Drive Files to your Alumni Gmail Account
  4. Transfer your Contacts and Calendar to your Alumni Gmail Account
  5. Download Course Files from Sakai

If you have any problems with the steps below, please contact the appropriate office: