Student Account Access

Graduating students will have access to their WFU student accounts for 60 days after the last day of their final academic term.

After the 60-day transition period, graduated students will no longer be able to access the following services:

  • WFU Google Account
  • Licensed software subscriptions: Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Licensed cloud services: Dropbox, LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft OneDrive, Qualtrics, Webex and Zoom 
  • School of Business Intranet
  • Library Databases

Below are the standard end dates for each term.

  • May Term End Date: 3rd Monday in May
  • August Term End Date: August 15th
  • December Term End Date: December 30th

Please Note:

  • Students continuing in another WFU graduate program: Your account will NOT be deleted if you have made your tuition deposit for another WFU graduate program. You will continue to use your existing WFU account.
  • WFU Staff completing a graduate program: Your account will NOT be deleted due to graduation, as long as your employment with WFU continues. 
  • 2020 Graduates: You will continue to have access to your WFU Google account until two weeks after your in-person commencement ceremony. 

Alumni Transition Checklist

The following steps contain instructions on how to transition your student account to an alumni account.  For a smooth transition, we recommend that all graduating students complete the first two transition steps.  

  1. Create your Alumni Gmail Account with WakeNetwork (recommended)
  2. Set a vacation responder/mail forwarding on your student account (recommended) 
  3. Transfer your Student Email and Google Drive Files to your Alumni Gmail Account
  4. Transfer your Contacts and Calendar to your Alumni Gmail Account
  5. Download Course Files from Canvas
  6. How to transition additional services such as Adobe Creative Cloud assets, Dropbox files, OneDrive, Handshake, and more.

If you have any problems with the steps below, please contact the appropriate office: