Zoom for desktop and mobile is a platform for video conferencing, recording meetings, chatting, screen sharing, and more. Zoom’s robust Breakout Rooms allow you to split your meeting up into 50 different sessions, ideal for team and project-based classes and meetings.

Zoom has several engagement features, including setting your own virtualized background image, breakout rooms, polling, and nonverbal feedback. Take advantage of a seamless Chrome extension integration to make easy-to-schedule meetings straight from your Google calendar with a click of a button.

Request your Zoom Account

Click here to establish your Zoom Account

  • Students will be granted Zoom Basic licenses by default. Basic licenses are limited to 40 minute meetings.  
    Students may request a PRO Zoom license, by submitting a request to the University Service Desk:
    Request Zoom PRO License (Please include the reason you need a PRO Zoom license, such as you are a TA for a certain class or a student leader hosting larger meetings, etc.
  • Faculty & Staff will be granted Zoom PRO licenses.

To access Zoom, log in with your WFU Google account: https://zoom.wfu.edu

Passwords required for Zoom meetings

Passwords are required for all Zoom meetings (scheduled or hosted using a Personal Meeting ID). Zoom automatically embeds passwords in the meeting URL to ensure participants with the Join link are easily able to join the meeting with one click. To ensure that your participants can join your Zoom meeting, do one of the following:

  • Ensure that the “?pwd=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” string appears at the end of the URL
  • Share the numeric password for your meeting with the participants

Integrating Zoom and Canvas

Using the Zoom tool in Canvas adds meetings to the course calendar automatically, shares cloud recordings automatically and prevents students from other courses from accidentally joining the wrong live class session.  Click below ot learn more!

Getting started with Zoom and using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI):

Information on specific Zoom features:

Additional information can be found in the Zoom Video Tutorials or in the Zoom Help Center.