• Visit account.wfu.edu
  • Select Reset Forgotten Password

    Note:  If you are asked to log in, please open a Private or Incognito browsing session to complete the Reset Forgotten Password steps.
  • Enter your WFU username (without @wfu.edu) 
  • Enter your Last Name 
  • Enter your WFU ID number 
  • Enter your birth month and day (MMDD)
  • Select which method you would like to receive your security code to verify your account, either your registered email address or mobile phone via SMS.
  • Enter the code in the “Code” field and select Check Code.
  • Once your code has been verified, select Continue. 
  • Enter your new password, confirm your new password, and select Change Password.

Users with WFU-issued Windows computers will need to be on campus or VPN in order to synchronize their newly created WFU account password with their computer password.