Please Note: All Mac users MUST install Windows to meet the computer requirements for the MBA, MSA & MSM programs.

If you prefer using a Mac, you must also run the Windows operating system and Office for Windows in order to support the software required for your courses. The School of Business IT Department supports two methods of running Windows on your Mac, VMware or Boot Camp.

Which method is right for your computer?

Please review your Mac’s specifications to determine which method of running Windows on your computer will work best for you. 

How do I check my Mac specifications?

(preferred method if your computer meets requirements)
MacOS Version
MacOS 10.11.7 or higher Any version
Memory 16 GB recommended
(8 GB minimum)
4 GB minimum
Disk Space 10 GB of free space 50 GB of free space
(once allocated to Windows, the space cannot be allocated to MacOS)
How do I launch Windows? Windows is launched as an application from your MacOS Must reboot computer to switch to Windows
Items needed during the configuration Mac Power Adapter Mac Power Adapter
8 GB USB Drive
Initial Configuration Time
~ 1 hour ~ 2-3 hours
Configuration Instructions How to Create a Windows 10 Virtual Machine using VMware Fusion 11
How to Install Windows 10 using Boot Camp Assistant