How to Print on a WFU Student Printer

  1. When you are ready to print your document, choose File > Print in the application. 
  2. Select the WFU-Student-BW or  WFU-Student -Color printer if you are on the Reynolda Campus
    Select WFUCLT-BW or WFUCLT-Color if you are at the Charlotte Center.
  3. The printer defaults to double-sided printing; change this default in your print preferences, if needed.
  4. Once your preferences are selected, click Print.
  5. In the Pharos Printing dialog box, enter your WFU username (not your email address).
    The print job name is optional but helpful if you are sending multiple jobs to be printed at one time. 
  6. Click Print again.
  7. To release a print job, swipe your Deacon Onecard face-side up in the black swipe box next to the printer.
    Your account information will appear on the TouchPad along with any print jobs you have sent. 
  8. Tap the print job to release and then tap Submit to print.
    The account balance will automatically adjust to reflect to the number and type of pages printed. 
  9. Remember to tap Exit to log out of your account when you are done.

Important Notes:

  • Printing in color costs $0.25 per side and printing in black and white costs of $0.08 per side. If there is a printing error, you can contact the Help Desk for a refund.
  • The student printers in Farrell Hall are located in 343, 244 and A02 outside the IT Department.
  • The student printers in Charlotte Center are located in the student work area.

Touchless Printing* 

*While this option does not require any installation on your laptop, it does not offer as many printing options as the printer installation option.