On-Ground MSBA students will need to install the following software to complete various coursework.  It is important to only install the software needed for your active courses to ensure you have the most up to date version and to ensure that your licenses does not expire before you need to use the software.  

NOTE: The MS in Business Analytics program DOES NOT allow Macintosh laptops.  
For more information, please see the Computer Requirements for MSBA Students.

All Terms

Summer Term

When to install: Late June / Early July

Fall Term

When to install: Late August / Early September

Spring Term

When to install: Late December/ Early January

Extracurricular Software

When to install: as directed by instructor

  • SAS
  • SAS License Renewal (Extends license to 6/30/2022.  Only needed if SAS was installed prior to 5/6/2021.)