Rename Poll URL

  • Poll Everywhere assigns each user a poll name loosely based on the user’s email address. Many of these poll names are awkward to type quickly.
  • The solution is to change the poll name using the following steps.
    • Open any browser and log in to your Poll Everywhere account.
    • In the top right corner of the window, click the Gear button > My Settings.
    • Click in the current username and enter a new and simple username and
    • click Change.

    • It may take a few minutes, but your polls will automatically upload with the new username.

Response Settings

Select the response settings that best accommodate your needs. Choose the following options:

  • Designate how often a user can respond.
  • Set whether or not a user can change an answer.
  • Allow activity title on all devices or not.

Participant Response Counter

By default, Poll Everywhere counts the number of participants who respond with a counter in the bottom right corner of the Poll window (web or PowerPoint), but please note this counter only displays on certain question types.

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