Before you begin:

  • Allow time to test your Webex meeting link.  
  • Confirm you are connecting to the Webex meeting using a stable, high-speed internet connection meeting minimum bandwidth requirements.
  • See the following Webex site for more information.

To Join:

  • Click the Webex Person Room link in your email invitation to join the conference.

    • If you have not joined a Webex meeting previously, you will be prompted to install the Cisco Webex Meetings app. Click the installer file to install (on Windows, click Webex.exe; on Mac, click Webex.pkg. )
  • Enter your name and email address and click Next.
  • Click Show me what's new for a quick tour or select Skip.
  • You see a video preview of how you'll look to others.

  • Before joining your meeting, click the Use computer for audio drop-down list select Call Me. 
    • Enter the phone number where you would like to be called. 
    • You can use a landline or cell phone.  
  • Before joining your meeting, click the Use video system to join the meeting from a compatible video device.
    • The computer's integrated camera will be utilized.  
  • Click Join Meeting.
    • After you receive the phone call from Webex, press “1” on your phone to connect to the meeting.  
    • Your host and other guests who have already joined the meeting will appear in the meeting window if their video is connected. 
    • If you are having difficulties connecting to the Webex audio or video, click the Chat bubble at the bottom of the Webex window and type your questions.  
      • By default, any chat text is shared with all attendees who have currently joined the meeting.  
    • To leave the meeting, click the  in the Webex window.  
    • For more information about Webex go to

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