If you are asked to schedule a Webex meeting for another WFUSB user, we recommend that you obtain the user's Personal Room information and send that information to the attendees. This makes it easier for the host as he/she can simply log into Webex and launch their Personal Room.

You will need to send the appropriate information to attendees:

  • Personal Room URL:  https://wake.webex.com/meet/username 
  • Webex phone number
  • Access Code

Make sure the meeting Host knows his/her Webex Host PIN.

This information is found by having the other user log into Webex and clicking More ways to join in the My Personal Room section.

Audio Only Meetings > Share the RED Information
Video Meeting > Share RED GREEN Information
Just for Host BLUE  

The Personal Room information for each person will not change, so you may want to save the information if you assist others with Webex frequently.

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