Use your Webex Personal Room for all of your conferencing needs without needing to schedule anything.   You can host Video/Audio meetings or Audio Only meetings.  You can invite attendees by sending them your Personal Room information via email or directly from your Webex Personal Room.

Sending your Personal Room information via Email

  1. Log into

  2. In the My Personal Room section, click on More ways to join to gather the info to send to your participant. 

  3. Send the appropriate info to your participant: 
    Audio Only Meetings > Share the RED Information 
    Video Meeting > Share RED GREEN Information 
    Just for you! 


The information for your WebEx Personal Room will not change, so you can reuse the same information as needed for all your meetings.

Inviting Attendees directly from your Personal Room

  1. Log into
  2. In the My Personal Room section, click Start Meeting to launch your Webex Personal Room.
  3. From the Control Bar, click on the Additional Options button and select Invite and Remind.

  4. Click the Email tab and type in the email addresses of your attendees.  Separate addresses with commas or semicolons.

  5. Click the Send button to send the invitation to your attendees.  Attendees will receive all the information they need to join your meeting.

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