Important Notes

  • Only the host or an alternate host can record a meeting.
    If an alternate host records the meeting, the meeting host still owns the recording after the meeting ends.
  • WFU designates a limited space for Webex recordings. To ensure that there is space for recordings, download any recordings before recording another meeting. 
  • Webex recorded meetings are stored online for 30 days. If the recording is needed after the 30 day window, then download the recording and save it to a location where it can be accessed later.
  • Webex recorded meeting files can be downloaded to a computer, uploaded to Google Drive or a video sharing platform.

Recording a Webex session

  1. with your WFU Google account.
  2. Click Start Meeting.
  3. Click the Recorder button from the Webex toolbar and select Record.

    If you are actively sharing content, the Recorder button is located at the top of your screen. Hover over the orange "You're sharing your screen" area to view the toolbar.

  4. Click the Recorder button, to control your recording:
    Select Pause and Resume to maintain a single recording.
    Select Stop to end your current recording.
  5. When the meeting ends or you stop the recording, Webex will generate the recording.
    This may take some time if the recording is long.

Review, Share or Download your Webex Recording

  1. Login to with your WFU Google account.
  2. Click Recordings in the left navigation bar.

  3. Your recordings will be sorted by date.  

    • Click name of the Webex session to view the recording in the Webex interface
    • Click the edit button to edit the name of the recording and what features are available in the recording.
    • Click share button to distribute via weblink. Please choose to limit distribution to the WFU email addresses. Videos do preserve polls & chats sent to everyone.
      Recordings are only stored for 30 days.
    • Click to download to MP4 file. This format does not include chats or polls.

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