Your Webex Personal Room is like your virtual office where people can drop in to visit you. 

  • You're always the host of the meeting. 
  • You can send meeting invitations and reminders. 
  • It's available at a consistent URL based on your WFU username. 
  • You can lock your personal room to control who joins the meeting.
  • Start the meeting on the fly without having to use the scheduler.
  • Personal Rooms can be configured to allow one or more alternate hosts who can start meetings on your behalf.

Using your Personal Room 

  1. Login to 
  2. Invite your attendees to your Webex Personal Room by email or send an invitation after you have started your meeting. 
  3. Click Start a Meeting to launch your Webex meeting.

  4. Before you start the meeting, you can review your audio & video settings.  

    • Click the Audio button  to umute/mute your audio.
    • Click the Video button to show/hide your video.
    • In the bottom center, click to select your audio connection - the name of this drop-down button will vary depending on the way you last connected to Webex audio.
      • We recommend that you choose the Call Me option, especially if you have a slow network connection. Enter the phone number you would like to use. You can use the speakerphone option on your cell phone or home phone. The call will not be initiated until you start the meeting.
      • You can choose the Use computer for audio option but your audio and video will be running through your Internet connection and audio quality might be an issue if you have a slow network connection.
    • Click the Start Meeting button to start the meeting.
  5. Once a meeting is started, the icons below are displayed along the bottom of the meeting window to allow you to control the settings, views, and options.

    Some options are only available to meeting hosts.

  • Audio - allows you to toggle your audio on/off
  • Video - allows you to toggle your video on/off
  • Share Content - share your screen, windows or files 
  • Record Meeting - record audio and/or video 
  • Participants - list meeting participants
  • Chat - displays meeting chat 
  • More Options:  
    • Notes - take meeting notes within Webex 
    • Polls - allows you to administer participant polls
    • Lock meeting - lock meeting to prevent additional participants from joining 
    • Invite and Remind - send invitations or reminders directly from the meeting 
    • Copy Meeting Link - copy meeting link for sharing 
  • End/Leave Meeting - Allows you to leave or end the meeting.  If you leave the meeting, you must select a new meeting host.  If you end the meeting, the meeting ends for all participants and stops any recording/sharing.

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