If you wish to transfer your student Google Contacts and Calendar to your new Alumni Gmail account, you can use Google Takeout.  

To transfer your Mail and Drive files, please refer to the article on How to transfer your Contacts and Calendar to your Alumni Gmail Account (Alumni Transition Step 4).

Transfer WFU Contacts & Calendar
  • Open any browser and log into your WFU student Google account. 
  • Navigate to takeout.google.com
  • Click the Select None button to deselect archiving data from ALL Google Apps

  • Scroll through the Product list and click the slider to “on” for the Calendar and Contacts
  • Click the drop-down option under Contacts and select the CSV format

  • Under Customize archive format, keep the default options to save the file type as Zip, and Send the archive by mail

  • Click Create Archive
    • Takeout creates a downloadable archive file. This may take a few minutes depending upon the amount of data you plan to archive. 
  • Click Done
  • Return to your WFU Google mail account and open the message, Your Google data archive is ready

  • Click Download Archive
  • Sign into your WFU Google account again. 
  • Locate the downloaded archive file and unzip the file to the desired folder.

How to import your WFU Calendar  

  • Open a new incognito window and log into your alumni Google account.  
  • You can only imported on a calendar on a computer, not a phone or a tablet.  
  • Click the App Launcher and go to Calendar
  • Click the Settings Gear and select Settings
  • On the side navigation bar, click Import & Export. 

  • Choose Select a file from your computer and navigate to the archived calendar file,  
  • Click Open and then Import
  • Google Calendar will notify you of the number of items imported.  
  • Click OK to complete the process. 
How to import WFU contacts
  • Open a new incognito window and log into your alumni Google account. 
  • Click on the App Launcher and choose Contacts
  • At the top of the Contacts Page, click the More and then click Import

  • Click Choose File and navigate to the archived Contacts file.  
  • Click Open and then Import

  • The imported Contacts appear with the label Imported and the date.  
  • Select label and the imported contacts appear.