Regularly scheduled MBA courses taught by instructors who permit in-person class recordings are recorded automatically.  MBA students can view and/or request access to class recordings through Canvas.  Depending on your instructor's preference, recordings will be available through the “Class Recording Channel” or by-request through the “Class Recording Requests” link in the course navigation.

Class Recording Channel

If your instructor uses “Class Recording Channel”, all class recordings will be available shortly after each class session (or when your instructor publishes the recordings).  

  • Click on “Class Recording Channel” and click the recording you wish to view.

Class Recording Requests

If your instructor uses “Class Recording Requests”, you will need to submit a request for each recording you wish to view.  

  1. Click on the “Class Recording Requests” to be directed to the Class Recordings section of the School of Business Intranet.  You will need to log in with your username (not your email address) and your password. 
  2. Click on the name of the course to submit a request using the pre-filled form.  Fill in the additional details about your request and click “Submit for Approval”.  If you need to request a recording for a non-class session, you can use the generic “Request a Class Recording” button.
  3. Email notifications are sent after you submit a recording request and when your class is available to view.  
  4. When approved recordings are available, you will see a “view” link in the My Recording Requests section.  

A few notes on the recording process

  • Some instructors do not permit class recordings.  Courses taught by those instructors will not have any Class Recording listing in Canvas, but will be noted on the Class Recordings section of the Intranet.
  • All students in each program must complete the Class Recording Agreement before students can access recordings.