Students are responsible for backing up their data stored locally on their personal computer(s) or laptop(s). Data can be backed up to external hard drive, USB drive, or a cloud storage option like Google Drive. 

How often should I backup and/or archive my data?

  • It depends on how much your system gets used, what kind of data is to be backed up and how often you change the data you want to protect. 

What do I need to backup? 

  • Backup anything which you consider important to you and/or which cannot be easily replaced.
    For example, your academic work, digital photos, and music, work saved to your local computer, etc. 

What should I use? 

  • For most users the best backup storage device is an external hard drive; they are reliable, extremely easy to install (just plug into your USB), relatively inexpensive, and have ample capacity. 
  • Less expensive alternatives but with less capacity include USB memory sticks and recordable DVDs. 
  • Cloud-Based Storage Options:
    • Cloud-based storage is increasing in convenience and popularity, but may require a monthly or annual subscription depending on your storage needs.
    • Your WFU student account provides unlimited cloud storage in Google Drive for FREE.  For more information, go to Google Drive on the web at
    • DropBox is another cloud-based storage site that allows students who create an account to store up to 2 GB of data for free. For more information, visit