If you need to use special software in the classrooms (Farrell Hall or WFUCC) for a particular course or meeting, it must be installed by the IT Department.  To request installation of your special software, please complete this form: http://go.wfu.edu/sbclassroomsoftware (this form is also available on the Intranet)

Please note the following regarding classroom computers:

  • Standard classroom computer operation: Classroom computers are configured with a with a standard software load (MS Office, Acrobat Reader, Web Browsers, etc.).  All user-initiated changes (installed software, configuration changes, etc.) will be erased once the computer is restarted to ensure a consistent and standard computing state for all users.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the School of Business Help Desk at 336.758.4126 or sbhelpdesk@wfu.edu.