Reynolda Campus Only

The WFU Student Printers can only be installed on computers running current versions of Windows and macOS. However, it is possible to print to from Chromebooks and mobile devices by sending your files to the printer via email.

To print from these devices, send your documents directly to the printer via email:

  1. Send an email with your document(s)* attached to or
  2. Release your print job at any library printer by swiping your WFU ID card on the touch screen device mounted next to the printer and selecting the job on the touch screen. 


  • The body of your email message may accompany your print job – identified with the title Email: (subject). You should ignore this print job if you do not need to print it. 
  • There are no configuration options, so you can not specify what pages to print, the paper orientation, etc.
  • Accepted file types include: Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, images, CSV, RTF, TXT. If you are printing an unsupported format, you will need to install the printers or print from a public access kiosk computer located throughout Farrell Hall and the Charlotte Center.