The School of Business maintains a equipment checkout library and Farrell Hall lockers keys for the convenience of students, faculty and staff.  To ensure that items are available for everyone in the community, we rely on the following maximum checkout periods:

  • Laptops and other technology may be checked out for a maximum of two weeks.*
  • Farrell Hall locker keys may be checked out for a maximum of 24 hours.*
*At times, the demand is higher for some equipment; therefore, the School of Business IT Department may insist on faster returns. 

Loaner Laptops for Students

Students may borrow laptop under the following circumstances:

  • when their laptop is undergoing repair
  • when their laptop is lost or stolen
  • at the discretion of the Help Desk staff

Students may NOT borrow a laptop to circumvent compliance with program computer requirements.   


Users are expected to return all items on or before the date agreed upon at checkout. Users who do not return items in a prompt manner or fail to respond may be subject to one or more of the following actions:
  • Notifications to academic program leadership
  • Temporary suspension of WFU account
  • Loss of future checkout privileges
  • Financial hold on student account
Lost or Damaged Items:
If equipment is misplaced or broken, users may be subject to a replacement fee for the equipment. Replacement fees are based on current replacement costs. 

Item Estimated Replacement Cost
Laptop $300 - $1200
Power Adapter $30 - $80
USB Hard Drive $50 - $110
USB DVD Drive $30 - $40
Calculator $10
Locker Key $20