Policy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources

This policy is intended to promote the responsible and ethical use of the computing resources and computing systems of Wake Forest University. (PDF)

Student Technology Agreement

By signing this agreement you acknowledge your understanding of these policies, that they apply to you as a student at WFU, and that you agree to comply with them. (Google Doc)

Cyber Security Incident Response Administrative Policy

This standard provides guidance on responding to potential cyber security events and communicating to appropriate internal and external entities. (PDF)

Electronic Non-Public Information Standard

Identifies non-public information (NPI) and details basic security requirements such as encrypting the data (PDF)

When to Engage IT Security

Provides guidance on when a department must include the Information Security department in a project or task. (PDF)

Security for Mobile Devices

Provides requirements for protecting data on smart phones and other mobile devices (PDF)

WFU Standard for Internet Facing System

Provides technical and procedural guidance for websites and other systems accessible from the Internet (PDF)