1. Log into your WFU Google account.
  2. In Google Drive, select the file or folder you want to share. 
  3. Right click the file or folder and choose Share from the shortcut menu.
    Click the Share button and do the following: 

  4. Enter the email addresses or Google Groups you want to share with. 
  5. Choose the access to be granted:
    • Can edit—Collaborators can add and edit content as well as add comments.
    • Can comment (Select files only)—Collaborators can add comments, but not edit content. 
    • Can view—People can view the file, but not edit or add comments.
  6. To control how visible your files are to other people, such as keeping them completely private or allowing anyone on the web to see them, click Advanced > Change and choose an option.  
  7. Click Done

    Everyone you shared the document with will receive an email notification. After you've shared a file, you can get the link by selecting the file and clicking link.

    The Owners will be allowed to add people and change permissions option is a very important. The default settings dictate that anyone who is granted editing access can not only edit the file but change the file permissions as well. 

     In addition to choosing a file’s share settings and access level, Google drive facilitates the following:  
    • Access the link of a file or folder to share with someone  
    • See who has access  
    • Add collaborators (editors, commenters, or viewers) by name or mailing list  
    • Remove collaborators or change someone’s access level  
    • Transfer ownership of your file to someone else