To email your class you can now simply type the class name in the “To:” field of the WFU Google Mail compose email window (e.g. PHY-113 or General Physics) and select the email address (e.g. ) corresponding to your class. The students enrolled in your class will receive the email. As students add or drop classes they will be automatically added or removed as recipients for messages sent to the class email address.   It may take up to 12 hours for add/drops to be synchronized to the Google Group.

You can also use the class email address to share Google drive files and folders with your class as well as share Google calendars or invite the entire class to an event.

How can I see a list of all the groups I am a member of? 

  • Sign in to WFU Google Mail (
  • Choose App launcher 
  • Select Groups 
  • Select “My groups” 

Will the group email address appear in the autocomplete function when I compose an email? 

Yes. The email address of a Google group created in our Google Apps domain will appear in the autocomplete function. However, Google groups corresponding to classes taught in the past will not show up in the autocomplete function. Only current semester classes will show up in the autocomplete function.

Will my group be deleted when the semester is over?

No. The group will continue to exist until it no longer has any student members (i.e. students have graduated and no longer have an active WFU account).

Can I add a teaching assistant or another instructor to the group?

No. Any manual modifications to group membership will be overwritten the next time the class roster is synced.

Who can send messages to my class email address?

By default, the instructor and all students enrolled in the class can post messages to the class email address.