Sakai - How to View Announcements

The Sakai Announcements tool allows participants to see an Announcement message displayed in 3 possible places:

  • the Announcements area of the "Home" tab, 
  • the Announcements area of the course Overview page, or 
  • your WFU email.

To see an Announcement on the Sakai Home tab:

  1. Log into Sakai 
  2. Go to the Home tab
  3. View Announcements for all courses on the Overview page.

From this view, you can see all of your course announcements or select a specific course.

To see an Announcement within a Course site:
  1. Log into Sakai
  2. Open your desired course
  3. Announcements are visible in the "Recent Announcement" section  or select Announcements from the Tools on the left pane.

Once the announcement is read, you can choose to view the next or previous announcement or click the option to return to the list of announcements.

Receiving announcements by email:

If you receive an Announcement by email, you can read the announcement and it is not necessary to log into Sakai, but you should note that Students cannot reply to announcements received by email.

Important Notes

  • Instructors can set messages to show immediately, or to show during specific dates.