If you have Pharos printers installed from a previous institution, the old Pharos printers must be uninstalled before the WFU Student Printers can be installed.

How to Uninstall Pharos Printers on a Mac

  1. To start the process, open Finder.
  2. Then click Go followed by Computer.
  3. Next double-click the Macintosh HD icon.
  4. Followed by the Library folder.
  5. Then double-click the Application Support folder.
  6. Next click Pharos.
  7. Then double-click the Utilities folder.
  8. Finally double-click the Uninstaller file.
  9. In the Pharos Uninstaller window, check the Pharos Popups box and click Continue.
  10. Then click Continue again. 
  11. Enter your Mac password and then click OK.
  12. When the process is complete, click Done.