How to Scan a Document and Send it to Email on a WFU Student and Administrative Printer

  1. On the Control Panel and press the yellow Clear button to prepare the system for the next task. If a problem exists, contact the School of Business Help Desk for a resolution.
  2. Load your original documents:
    • Use the document glass for single pages or paper that cannot be fed using the document feeder.
    • Place the first page of the document face down, in the top left corner of the document glass.
    • Use the document feeder for multiple or single pages.
    • Before you send any pages through the document feeder, make sure there are no staples or paper clips attached and place the page face up. All pages must be the same size to use the document feeder.
    • The confirmation indicator illuminates when you load the originals correctly.
    • Adjust the paper guides so they fit against the originals.
  3. To start the scan, on the printer’s control panel tap Email.
  4. Enter your WFU username and then press Next.
  5. Enter your password and again press Next.
  6. Adjust the available scan options as needed.
    • Indicate the output color you desire: auto-detect, greyscale or color.
    • Indicate if the original document is 1-sided or 2-sided.
  7. Press the green Start button. The printer scans the pages and sends the document when all pages have been scanned.
  8. When finished, click the Log out button.
    • Your document will be sent to the email address you indicated as a PDF attachment.

Important Notes: 

  • Students should note that scanning and emailing documents is a free service and does not require swiping your Deacon OneCard.
  • The student printers in Farrell Hall are located in 343, 244 and A02 outside the IT Department.
  • The student printers in Charlotte Center are located in the student work area.