• Go the intranet homepage at my.business.wfu.edu, and click the Class Recordings link. 
  • Complete the request form. 
    • Confirm the correct classroom numberprofessor namedates, and times.  
    • Professors with *allows all* beside their names allow recordings for all of their classes without prior approval. 
    • Conversely, *DOES NOT ALLOW* means that professor doesn't allow their classes to be recorded.  
    • The remaining professors allow recordings on a case-by-case basis.  
  • Enter the course name, followed by the reason for recording the class, which will be sent to the professor.
  • When finished, click "Submit for Approval." 
Important Notes about Class Recordings
  • Please submit recording requests at least one business day prior to the start of your class. Requests with less lead time may not be recorded. 
  • An approval request email is sent to the professor, a recording request email is sent to the School of Business Help Desk, and a summary of the request will be sent to your WFU student email. 
  • When the professor responds to the recording request, both the student and the Help Desk are notified. 
    • If denied, the help desk will delete the recording. 
    • If approved, the help desk will notify you when the recording is ready by sending the link in an email. 
To access your recordings 
  1. Click on the recording link in the email that notifies you that your recording is ready. 
  2. Login to the Class Recording page with your WFU username and password
  3. Click "Show/Hide My Recording Requests," and click "View" by the recording that you would like to view. 
The recordings can only be viewed by the requester.